Brand Safety Campaign


Brand Safety Campaign

Brand Safety Campaign

Our advertisers didn't like their ads showing up on unsavory sites (read: Breitbart). So we introduced new advertiser controls.

I wrote a series of short Facebook ads to assure advertisers they held the reins.

Some of the lines were deemed "not serious enough" for publication—but they're included below for your enjoyment.

Do these ads make my sites look bad?

Ad finitum.

Our ads are good with boundaries.

Your ad here (unless it's outside your publisher controls).

Ad placements. Anything but ad hoc.

It's 10pm. Do you know where your ads are?

Ad placements. Now a controlled substance.

Precision over PR headaches.

Control over controversy.

Your ads are in good company now.

Brand control beats damage control.

Get your ads right where you want 'em.

Publish ads. Worry not.